Your Patriot Dictionary

Knowing the Patriot lingo when you step on campus for your first week of classes will be a life saver. To help you get started, the Patriot Bloggers have created a dictionary for you! Looking for anything we didn’t cover? Feel free to leave a comment!


Located on the bottom floor of the Johnson Center (also known as Dewberry Hall), the Cinema supplies inexpensive movie showings with complimentary popcorn and often times, posters of the viewed movie are included.

Fight Song

The classic GMU chant for spirited basketball games, of which there is a YouTube video that all Patriots are encouranged to learn before coming to the first game.


Late night dining in The Park. Designed to look like an old-fashioned diner, Ike’s offers a variety of late night favorites. Home of the best chicken fingers on campus!

  • Ike’s was home to a mini-flash mob, caught on camera. Check out Jenny’s post: Mini Flash Mob

Info Desk

The Johnson Center’s Info Desk is what Kathleen refers to as ‘Mason’s Google-people version” and is the ultimate spot to ask questions about getting around on campus. You can also stop to check your email!

La Pat

La Patisserie, excellent breakfast or lunch spot to eat on campus in the JC. Open at 7 o’clock on weekdays, it’s a great place to catch an early breakfast before a lab or morning class. La Pat is also great if you go during lunch hours to eat breakfast.

The Park

Presidents Park is a neighborhood of freshmen residence halls. The Park is also home to Ike’s (see below), a popular on-campus stop for delicious burgers.

The Rat

The Rathskellar, a.k.a. The Rat, is our tly more expensive meal swipe 0ption on campus, but a great restaurant choice if you want to show off campus, or pay for a friend’s dinner. It hosts a variety of options to eat and includes specials of the day.

  • Heather mentioned in a recent post how great The Rat can be as an on-campus spot for her and her suitemates to hang out: Monday Nights


Abriviated from “Student Union Building #1, SUB I serves as yet another great student-centered spot on campus. Patriot favorites are Chick-fil-A and The Rat, but that’s is not the only thing it has – the Registrat, Academic Advising, and Career Centers are there for student support as well. It’s an easy mantra to help differentiate if from “SUB II”, where the mailbox and Original Burger is located. SUB II also has Office of Student Involvement, Corner Pocket which always plays great music, which even has outdoor speakers often playing, and a Capitol One ATM.


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