Mason Admissions

At George Mason University, our Patriots enjoy life on campus in beautiful Northern Virginia, while also hopping on the free mason to metro shuttle, taking them via metro to Washington, D.C. for a ultimate frisbee game on The National Mall, an internship on Capitol Hill, a free visit to one of D.C.’s endless museums, a shopping spree on M Street in Georgetown, unprecedented research and networking opportunities, a job interview, and so much more.

While Mason is at the doorstep of the nation’s capitol…Mason Admissions is your doorstep to all of the above. We invite you to get to know our team, to come visit our innovative and spirited campus, and to learn even more about The Patriot Life! In addition to our 8 Patriot bloggers, our Admissions Counselors will also be chiming in with blog posts as we travel the nation this fall.


3 thoughts on “Mason Admissions

  1. I submitted my application for transfer in the fall and I was wondering if there is somewhere on the website that says anything about letters of recommendation or if there is more information on it.

  2. hello i am from india, i am a graduate and working as a software developer,but i want to continue some higher studies and want to join the university i need to know what are the procedure i need to follow to do so. please guide me thanks and regard

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