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Gabriela M. Galeano, M.A. A lifelong Anthropology student (& GMU Alumna). A vegan, coffee addict, metalhead since middle school, bookworm, runner/yogi, proud Honduran, animal rights activist & friend of Mother Earth. Often intrigued by counterculture.

A glimpse of the last 3 weeks…

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

Finished!!! The Fall 2011 semester is officially over (well, it’s been over for me since last Thursday). I’ve been recovering since…I’ve slept an average of 12 hours a day to make up for quite a bit of sleep deprivation. It feels great now! I do feel human again…I will be on campus up until the 21st since RAs go through a semi-closing process of the residence halls. So far, grades are good (you check them after ever semester on Patriotweb) and I am definitely already looking forward to the next semester…

I’ve been on the down low for 3 weeks now, it seems; however, I’ve made sure to take pictures all this time to give a glimpse of how I’ve managed to survive. Yay!

In the beginning of December, I was part of a panel for the Early Identification Program where seniors interested in attending George Mason visited the campus and spoke to EIP alumni and other non-EIP student leaders about life at Mason. It was great to serve as inspiration for them-hopefully I get to see them next semester when I tutor once again!

That day, the housekeeping member for Adams (my building last year) called me and gave me breakfast! As an RA, you work closely with housekeeping, and they are the most genuine and hard-working people I have ever met. Last year, I became very good friends with Eva just like this year I am happy to work with Nelda. Heck, they bring you breakfast!! I didn’t bother taking a picture of it because I wanted to devour it immediately. It was fried beans and plantains, a typical breakfast in Central America! It brought back really good memories…

I did take a few pictures of my meal a few hours later, though….and yes, it’s tofu scramble again! This time, I prepared it as I often prepare it. The recipe will be in my next post, so stay tuned! Here’s a shot of it.


On a different note…I got my other lens!!! I am in love!!Here are a few quick and random shots that I took with my new 50mm Nikkor lens:

This isn't the 50mm; it's the 18-55mm-the one that I use 90% of the time...but the picture was taken with the 55mm! 🙂


Random picture of the Coke Zero cup that I got earlier that day as a free sample!

I do a lot of photography when I need to relax, especially landscape photography. I have a great view from my room and I know I’ve posted a few shots already. Here are some more pictures of the falling leaves…already auburn and dark gold…with the moon in the background!

With the moon...


Un-sharpened image of a tree...in full color...



On the Sunday before my major sociology paper was due (it was an ordeal!), I bought Chinese food as part of our Sunday tradition. Most RAs order from Hunan Shrimp Boat, which is literally down the street. This time I decided to try Peking Village II which is further down Old Lee Highway. Soooo good!! My residents definitely enjoyed it, if you can’t tell by the pictures below…

My girls even helped me out with my bulletin board that night. Whew! It looked cute, and I totally appreciated the help when I was busy with schoolwork. A shout out to them! I’ll miss so many people over break!

This might be my last post for the semester, although I am already working on a long post regarding cooking in the residence halls…without a kitchen! I have so many recipes and tricks for people with specific dietary needs (like veganism) and those who want a break from campus food…or are too lazy to walk and get it! Have a safe and fun-filled winter break, friends!


More coffee and new lens!

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

This week has been great!! So I’m sitting in my room, drinking some dark roast coffee (Café El Indio from Honduras, to be precise) and I’ve been playing around with my new AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Nikkor lens!!! I’m in love!! I’ve been taking pictures of the trees outside (the leaves are changing beautifully-they’re auburn at the moment).

Since coming back on campus from home, I’ve set to work right away considering there are A LOT of papers due during the next two weeks. I actually went to an interesting talk on Tuesday regarding the Occupy movements in DC (a possible research topic for me in the future). I got to hear Kevin Zeese (one of the Occupy DC founders) as well as faculty discuss their work/research/opinions on the movements. Very enlightening? Yes. It was also for extra credit for my sociology class, so that was a plus. When you’re at Mason, you’ll notice every single day there are at least 4 lectures. It’s impossible to go to all of them, just like it is impossible to go to all of the events on campus since there are SO many.

Wednesday was my regular tutor day. Sadly it was the last day of tutoring for this semester, so my colleagues and I went all out at Sunflower in Falls Church!! For those of you not in the area, or who’ve never been, Sunflower is an all vegetarian restaurant (most of their stuff is vegan, actually). There are two locations: Falls Church and Vienna. Soooo good! I wish I had my camera handy then, because I had the most glorious orange chik’n (chik’n=vegan) with veggies and brown rice. I couldn’t breathe for the following 5 hours, though…

Today has been very relaxed since my internship day at the collections facility for the NMAI was cancelled. I went to a meeting earlier and now I’ve been obsessed with my new lens. I even made 2 collages:

Consider this the EPIC presentation of my new lens. ALL HAIL NIKKOR!!


The first official photos with my new lens!

I miss my puppy, though! Buddy seems to be quite popular here on the blog, so here’s another treat:

Buddy is watching my mom go upstairs to the deck...then he watches out for our neighbors' cats.


by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Err…at least Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I got back home in Leesburg, VA on Tuesday evening-drained and super sleep deprived. I think I watched Mars Needs Moms with my little sister and then I went to sleep at 11pm. I woke up at 2:13pm….that’s over 15 hours of sleep. You know you’re sleep deprived when you sleep for that long!! Wednesday was spent watching movies…and that’s about it. Thursday….yep, watched movies (Limitless is a FANTASTIC movie-please watch it!). We ate our Thanksgiving meal at around 4:30pm and everyone but me was stuffed (I’m not a big stuff-yourself-to-discomfort kind of person). I did top it off with some soy chocolate ice cream, strawberries, and pecans. Epic! Today, while everyone else went crazy beating up others to get items, deals, and whatever else, I slept until 2pm and played video games with my little sister. Later, I scoured Amazon for some good deals on camera lenses (and let me tell you: I managed to find 2 Nikkor lenses + their protective accessories for just over $300!!)

So since my break hasn’t been that adventurous (and it’s meant to be that way), I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there. My models have been my little sister and our dog, Buddy. Ta daaa:

Our elegant little boy, Buddy


Aww, my little sister and Buddy cuddling


Beautiful, big brown eyes...


My little sister


Sleepy eyes


Getting ready to play some Mario Kart!

A Collection of Anecdotes

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

I woke up on Wednesday morning (Nov. 16th) and realized I was already running late for a photo opp with one of Mason’s staff photographers, Alexis. As I’m rushing to get ready, I try to think of ways to depict my daily morning routine so as to show the whole wide world what it is that I do every lovely morning (or at least on a good morning, right?) So I look for my colorful mug and start making some tea…typically I brew coffee, but time was against me, so I made some delicious yerba mate (popular in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile). I grab my Changing India book and run downstairs to meet her as previously arranged.

*Sigh* Her camera equipment…she sets up her wonderful, wonderful Nikon equipment and makeshift light box (I think that’s what she called it). I sat down on one of the couches on Lincoln 1st and pretended to read about Indian economic expansion while drinking South American tea…..yep, that’s the gist of my mornings…it went rather well! Ya might see me online or on print sometime soon…?

On Thursday, at around 4:15pm, I remember running out of my internship lab to head over to class (ironically it’s an Indian anthropology class) at 4:30pm. Now…for 2.5 hour-long classes, I need some caffeine. That’s just how it is. I walk into La Patisserie in the Johnson Center to grab some drip coffee. I remember putting sugar in my coffee and telling the lady that was cleaning the station: “Le prometo que no voy a dejarle un relajo” (I promise I won’t make a mess.) She told me not to worry about it; that without a mess, she wouldn’t have a job. Talk about optimism! She just lit up my day. We had a short conversation about students having to take care of themselves with so much caffeine intake, and how much she works a week, and how she no longer has to struggle too much with onerous work because it’s time for her to relax at her age…it was a very lovely conversation. I walked away with a smile and didn’t mind arriving to class a few minutes late. I was hoping some optimism had rubbed off on me so that I could get through class (not really, my Indian class is awesome).

Friday comes around and it’s just a hot mess. I took the Metro to Suitland, MD for my internship (so from the Vienna Metro Station…that’s just over 2 hours!). It wasn’t too bad considering I was listening to some music the whole time-I consider that much-needed “me” time. Coming back after a full day of work was draining, and so instead of getting a head start on my work like a good little girl, I watched TV. I hadn’t watched TV in such a long time (over a week-haha!) that it almost felt surreal. So I can’t remember what exactly I was watching for the most part, though I do remember checking out a new series on Vh1 Classic called “Metal Evolution”. The same anthropologist/metalhead, Sam Dunn (and his buddy Scott McFayden) that made Global Metal and Heavy: A Headbanger’s Journey made this new series!! It’s so awesome! It basically traces the origins and evolution of heavy metal. Anywho, afterwards I popped in a DVD that came with the latest Opeth (Swedish melodic metal band) album named Heritage. It was basically about the making of the album, and it was great! I just love that band; they are one of the few groups that can never disappoint. It was just relaxing…sometimes you just have to chill! And that’s something I have learned the hard way this semester. I made some glorious chocolate mousse in the microwave as well….ah…heaven. I don’t know WHY I didn’t take a picture of that…

Similarly, I woke up just in time to watch Metal Mania on Saturday morning. This is how I get my hair metal fix (I know…I wasn’t even born yet when they came out…). Later I went over to Fenwick Library to get some books for research and I gave in to buying pretzels and hummus in the Johnson Center. I ate them peacefully outside by the Quad (and reflectively…ya need some hummus and pretzels for some mental organization!). Perfect weather, too! The research part? Uh…not so much…

On Monday night – and you might not believe this 😉 – I pulled another all nighter. Gasp! I had to work on a massive presentation due at 9am on Tuesday and then some French homework. Well, since I tend to be someone who worries sick about assignments, can I just say that my presentation went great and I turned in my homework online even though I skipped my French class to sleep? (I need to stop doing that). The great part about pulling an all nighter was walking over to Starbucks with 3 of my residents and just acting silly all the way over there (it’s a +10 minute walk from Presidents Park). Mind you, this was 2:30am. Pretty adventurous- I don’t even think I needed the coffee at that point. Come Tuesday morning, I slept for one hour before I had to rush over to class and present. It’s amazing what the brain can still do with one hour of sleep!! Avoid it, though. I had to wait until after 6:15pm to finally get home and sleeeeeeeep…ah….sleeeeep. And then Thanksgiving comes…

Movember…Les Moustaches!!!

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

I know-I’ve been negligent! So several things piled up for the past 3 weeks and I was unable to post. After such a torturous deprivation of self-expression, I decided to finally somewhat recap the last 3 weeks (through mainly pictures). Most of the time I was busy doing work and studying, etc, so I’ll try to remember as much as I can. I haven’t posted since before Halloween! Soooo, as we say in French, “on y va” (let’s go)…

I was a gypsy for Halloween!! Wooooo!!! Check it out. I got big for Halloween, which means I dress up from morning to midnight. I teach a University 100 class on Mondays and so I showed up as a gypsy. Not sure what my students thought, but it was SOMETHING. I’m not sure that people were ready for class to be taught by a gypsy at 9am. So later I went to my anthropology theory course in the afternoon and showed up like it was NOTHING. Anthropology majors are quirky, so they didn’t make a big fuss about it. You all should have seen the stares I got while walking TO class!! Priceless!! Go big or go home, right? 😉 I can’t wait for next year already…let’s just say you might encounter a Xena on campus!

With a corset and all! :)

MOVEMBER!!! Movember is always fun, but this is actually the first year that I’m going big on it. I took part in a bulletin board contest with some other Resident Advisors (RAs) to inform our residents about Movember and the fight to educate (and eventually cure!) prostate cancer and other cancers that predominantly affect males. Check it out! (Results haven’t been given out yet…)

Do you like my little mustaches?!

Also, to prove that even the Office of Housing and Residence Life goes big on November, here is a mug from last year’s housing selection process…with a mustache! The drink is actually a Latin American hot chocolate- we sometimes call it chocolate de mesa. If you want more info on it, check out my previous post (from oh so long ago!)


Anyway, the weather is slowly getting colder and colder, which is a grim prospect in my opinion, but it does give way to awesome nature pictures such as these:

Sometimes I like to wake up and open my window blinds just to check out the trees outside. This view won’t last long! The other day, I was so at peace just from looking outside that I took the luxury of spending a good amount of time preparing breakfast. Voilà, refried beans, tortillas, vegan sour cream, and tofu scramble….heavenly!

It was sooo good! I eat this stuff religiously...

Normally, I add spinach to the tofu scramble, too....I didn't have any at the time :/

I will certainly post more often from now on, especially with awesome events coming up! In fact, I’m making a list of them right now (insert suspense here) Stay tuned later this week…


With a nice cup of hot chocolate…

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

The weather is getting so cold! I have my window open out of habit, but I’m really considering closing it. Fortunately, I still have the amazing view from the second floor (picture coming soon!) since the trees still have their beautiful orange/red leaves. I will admit right now that I am NOT a fan of winter…

Anywho, this week hasn’t been too crazy compared to last week-feel free to check out my “I’m a Survivor 😀” post! Last Sunday, I had a program for my residents along with 3 other RAs (and their residents) focusing on Latin American culture; I creatively called it Latin Night. Haha. It went very well! We had several residents come by and enjoy our homemade tortillas, beans, rice, platanitos (plaintain chips), horchata (spiced rice drink), tamarindo (tamarind juice), vegan cheese & sour cream (they didn’t know it was vegan-mwahahaha), and of course, salsa with jalapeños.

All the food...and the ingredients in the back.

I taught the RAs how to make tortillas and beans, and eventually, I taught everyone how to dance samba, salsa, merengue, the Macarena (well, everyone knew that one), and a dance associated with a song called “Asereje”. Fun times!

Dancing 🙂

The week went by very quickly. On Monday I took a StrengthsQuest test for the Early Identification Program (EIP) as part of development. Evidently, my strengths have changed from Input/Achiever/Connectedness/Futuristic/Responsibility to Achiever/Maximizer/Connectedness/Learner/Responsibility. StrengthsQuest, for those of you who are not familiar with it, is a survey that determines what your top 5 strengths are out of 34. Everyone has those 34 strengths, but our top 5 are different depending on our personality. My recent results basically indicate that I am an individual who loves to strive for the best, learn as much as possible, make the best out of situations, make the connections between people and between events, and uphold my responsibilities. It is so accurate ^.^ A lot of leadership positions require that you take this test as a way to determine how you work with people of different strengths, etc. I recommend it to anyone interested in becoming very involved on campus.

On Thursday night, I went to a talk by Howard C. Bakersville Professor Dr. Touraj Daryaee in Dewberry Hall North at 7:30pm. Dr. Daryaee is professor of the History of Iran and the Persianate World and the Associate Director of the Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture at the University of California at Irvine. He is also the editor of the Name-ye Iran-e Bastan: The International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies and the creator of Sasanika: The Late Antique, Near East Project. He is also (the guy never sleeps) the author of the book Sasanian Persia: The Rise and Fall of an Empire among others. The discussion was entitled “Sasanian Iran: The Last Near Eastern Empire of Antiquity” and was hosted by the Iranian Studies Group (ISG) with the support of the Sociology and Anthropology Department as well as the History and Art History Department. The group has gotten quite a bit of attention! Check out this article by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences regarding the ISG and its core members (the picture you see there was taken by me! 🙂 I am good friends with Darius Salimi, the vice president of ISG, since we are both anthropology students (though he is in the grad program). It has been great supporting this group since its inception last semester. Here are a few pictures of the event…

Finishing his talk

Dr. Touraj Daryaee with ISG (from left: Masood Mortazavi, Dr. Daryaee, Darius Salimi, Sahar Haghighat)

Later that night, I watched a Bollywood film called Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara with my Malaysian/Indian friend, Harveen. This is my favorite Bollywood actor’s (Hrithik Roshan!!) new movie and it’s been a big hit over in India. The movie is about a group of 3 friends who, after advancing in their careers, decide to finally take a trip to Spain that they had planned since they were young. One of them, Hrithik Roshan’s character, Arjun, is a money-hungry guy whose life revolves around his career instead of relationships. The trip changes him and his other friends in different ways. I highly recommend it, of course! Ask your Indian friends for the DVD, or something! Did I mention how much I love Indian culture?? I think I might have at some point… 😉 We munched on vegan chocolate chips, too.

Last night, I checked out Jose Porcél’s Compañia Flamenca performing their newest work of art: Gypsy Fire (ironically, I’ll be a gypsy this Halloween). It was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!! They are truly flamenco professionals. My seat was originally in the back, but after realizing that there were PLENTY of empty orchestra seats, I sneaked into the 4th front row during the intermission. There is a big difference, trust me!! I highly recommend this performance to everyone: they will be performing again tonight (at the Center for the Arts) and tomorrow night (in the Hylton Center in the GMU Arlington Campus). I am in love with Jose Porcél, by the way…

So there you have it! My recent adventures in less than 1000 words and with a nice hot chocolate made with chocolate de mesa (literally “table chocolate”), which is pure chocolate and sugar that is used to make hot chocolate as it was made by our Mayan ancestors. (I will post a picture in my next installment!) I always encourage people to research the history of chocolate in ancient Mesoamerica, for it is a rich history. So forget those bagged hot chocolate mixes, do it from scratch!!


I’m a Survivor! :D

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

I’ve been M.I.A.!! Midterm week was last week, as I might have mentioned in my previous post (ah, so long ago!), so I disappeared for a solid week. I can’t remember much because lack of sleep tends to mess up your memory, but I’ll try to recount what I do remember in an organized manner. Whew! Here goes:


So this would be Saturday October 15th. After noticing my a few holes in my jeans over several weeks, a fellow RA and I decided to go shopping at Fair Oaks. Usually I take the Gunston Go Bus (takes you to every mall with the exception of Tysons Corner) since I don’t own a car, however, my friend fortunately had one. This little outing was a nice break from studying for my anthropology theory class for which I was to take my midterm on Monday. I bought some jeans (I finally found some for short people!!), bought some Halloween costume accessories, got lost at Macy’s (err….one of them)….ya know, we did mall stuff. I remember this day was GLORIOUS in terms of weather. Very windy, but at a nice temperature, so I studied at one of the benches by my room. Check out the view!!

Facing Liberty Square...look at the sun!


A nice shade...


With my camera handy, a water bottle, and my anthropology theory book.

I didn’t do much afterwards other than continue reading for my midterm and devouring some microwave-made pasta with tomatoes, spices, and vegan butter WITH veggie soup. *Faints*


STUDY STUDY STUDY. This is when panic set it a bit. I woke up late (though wasn’t supposed to) started studying (or at least I think I did?) I checked out the Virginia Opera performing Aida (Verdi’s grandest opera), which was phenomenal! Trust me, midterm or no midterm, I always end up at the Center for the Arts on the weekends.

Free ticket to the VA Opera: Aida!

Then it was STUDY STUDY STUDY followed by a generous review session led by my anthropology theory professor. At the end, I was sick of Marxism and Hobbe’s Leviathan, but decided to study some more regardless. My brain wanted to cry!! Anywho, a classmate and I studied at her house until about 2am and until we just could not keep our eyes open…and that’s after 5 cups of coffee AND tea. That was painful…

Organic chai in my owl mug


Mondays are when I co-teach University 100 in the morning. I love my students and the class dynamics is always engaging! I strongly encourage every incoming student to take the class as it is very beneficial to getting acclimated to Mason, and even college in general.

After teaching class, I went back to STUDY STUDY STUDY mode with my classmate again; though this time we chilled at my room (getting a bit distracted? Yes, yes, I will admit it). I got some brain food: pasta with peanut sauce!! I have mastered the art of microwave cooking-I have even taught residents how to bake mini-cakes, make pasta, etc.

4:30pm comes around and we have resigned to our fate. Our poor brains cannot keep Marx, Hobbes, Malthus, Lamarck, Compte et al. in order. I make some strong coffee as I feel a wake of sleepiness come over me, especially after averaging around 4 hours of sleep a night.

The minutes pass and we’re waiting to get our exams…


We get out of there after an hour and a half…it was brutal.

I get ready to make some more coffee since I have ANOTHER midterm the next day in my sociology class focusing on social movements and political protests. Fortunately (and I will kiss my professor’s feet for this), we were allowed to have two “anti-cheat sheets”. Of course, I stayed up all night working on fitting in several weeks’ worth of notes and reading summaries on two miserable pieces of paper.


It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be, but sleep would have been a tad better, I think. I probably dozed off for about 40 minutes before I finished up studying 15 minutes before I had to be in class (9am) on Tuesday.


So here I am in class, stinky from not showering, teeth caked with coffee residue, wearing all black (no reason in particular), no makeup, sleep deprived, etc. I felt absolutely attractive…

I was a hot mess!

I finished the test and went directly to my French class (still self-conscious, stinky, and sleepy). I have an hour break after this class before I have to run to my internship lab, so I clean up (a.k.a. transform) and look presentable for that. I had no time to eat, so I was starving at this point. I remember grabbing some last minute samosas and a cliff bar and eating them as I ran with a bulky backpack across campus. Indeed, I provide entertainment in between classes across campus.

5:30pm rolls around and I am headed to an RA staff party. We get intense with Taboo while devouring some pasta (I am in love with pasta, if you haven’t noticed). I made another batch of coffee because I felt like I was going to fall asleep anytime. I last until around 11:30pm trying to do homework, but I call it quits. Ahhhh….sleeeeeeeeeeep!


I woke up at 10am. Thank the heavens! But of course, once the day starts, it STARTS. I hastily get ready for a meeting at 11am for the Early Identification Program (EIP) and then another meeting at noon with my faculty member to plan for our next University 100 session. At 1:15pm I am running to catch my ride to go to the tutoring sites for EIP. We revel in traffic for about an hour before we get to a high school and tutor there. Topic of the day? Peer pressure. Hah! Peer pressure sort of disappears when you’re a college junior-it is promptly replaced by academic pressure. We then head over to a nearby Panera in Ballston because we’re ravenous. I try to get some French homework done to no avail. Why? Well, I made the mistake of checking my email…my inbox got bombarded. We then drive over to our second site to tutor middle school and high school students.

9pm comes around and I am back on campus. My ride drops me off at Starbucks (he reads minds) and I buy the biggest latte you could ever get. I run over to the Johnson Center to tutor a student in French, only to find out that she completely forgot. I then run over to my room to drop off my LOAD.

I stick around to talk to my residents (I just love them!) until I have to run to the all neighborhood staff meeting. INFO INFO INFO overload. Ah!!!

We finish up at around 11:45pm and disperse. I run over to my room and start making some coffee. It’s going to be a long night……


Yep, that would be the second one of the week.

So I am sitting in my room and it’s around 3:30am. I am still working on my French midterm assignment. I am getting SUPER sleepy. I text a fellow RA who is also staying up all night and we end up walking to Starbucks at 3:30am. Classic! You’ll find yourself adoring the fact that Starbucks is open 24/7 on campus.

I head back to my room after buying the boldest drip coffee they had. Whew…..I gotta crank out these French journal revisions.

Sunrise while studying French-this is the view from my room!


The mess while working on my French midterm...


It’s 10:30am. My sociology class that’s at 9am had been canceled but I should be in my French class right now. Hmm…to go or not to go. I HATE skipping classes, and when I do, it’s pretty much an emergency. I skip class to finish my assignment, but I am a paragraph short. Whyyyyyyyyyyy???

By this time, I have to go to the internship lab and THAT I can’t skip. I transform into a presentable person and run over there eating a Cliff bar (75% of my nutrition is provided by Cliff bars-if you want to call that nutrition). It’s 3:15pm and I run out to finish that darn paragraph. The assignment is due by 5pm essentially, so I am RUSHING back to my room to finish it.



Ok, time to print…

The printer is conveniently out of ink. Insert panic here!!!

I run over to my Resident Director and beg for help. And, of course, her printer is not working. Lovely news.

I run over to The Hub to put Mason Money into my card so I can print at the Johnson Center. It’s 4:20pm, and after having some trouble figuring out how to pull up my disk drive on the library computer, I print out my 16 page midterm assignment. I run over to the Aquia Building to turn it in. I then run over to my 4:30 class, which is an anthropology course on the peoples and cultures of India.

At 7:30pm, I check in for RA duty. I do absolutely nothing productive until 2:30am, when I am finally able to go to sleep. I have to be up 4 hours later…


My eyes are BURNING from lack of sleep. I get ready for my internship on site.

I load up on coffee like none other (and so does my fellow friend/ride because she had to pull an all nighter). We are a massive hot mess!!!

We struggle through the entire day and on our way back, we almost get into 5 accidents (none of them being our fault-you get some crazy drivers in this area!). MUST. GET. TO. MY. ROOM. AND. SLEEP.



If you were to see me run up to my room in excitement, you would never guess it’s because I was about to take the nap of my life. I woke up at 8pm, just when I had planned on buying programming supplies for Sunday’s program (upcoming blog post will have pictures!!) I don’t remember doing anything else productive…..grogginess is setting back in. Time to recover from these all nighters!


Not quite. I wake up at 6:30am to head over to a fellow RAs room because he’s taking me home for the day (since he works around where I live). I can’t quite function, but just thinking about relaxing at home keeps me going.


I get there at 8:30am and I pretty much collapse on the couch. I think I woke up at 1:30pm with my beautiful dog licking my face. Ahhh, my baby!!

Our dog Buddy, a lab mix. (He was looking out for birds)



My wonderful parents take me out to lunch at an AMAZING German joint called the Döner, where I ordered some Falafel with fries. We took our dog, Buddy, since it’s a dog-friendly restaurant and they always offer him water. If you’re ever in Leesburg, Virginia, check out this restaurant!! It’s gotten great reviews everywhere!

We then shopped at Wegmans-they bought me so much stuff!! I love that place…My mom and I bought some extra stuff at a Latin shop nearby-gotta get our Latin American fix!

So by mid-afternoon, I start baking for my staff and friends, as I had promised.


I’m munching on one at the moment…GLORIOUS. JUST GLORIOUS.

My friend picks me up after he’s done at work and we head back to campus. I have done absolutely NOTHING productive, but I relaxed!

Overall, it was the most hectic week I’ve had the entire time I’ve been at Mason (I’ve never had to pull two all nighters in a week), but it paid off!! I got work from a couple of my professors saying that I got A+ on my exams. Yay! It also pays off that my week turns out to be a great 2,000+ word blog post that I can share with everyone. I am alive!!!…..aaaand back to reading. 😉