by Grant, a Patriot Blogger

As way of introduction, I am a huge sports fan.  A day without sportcenter is a bad day.  However, I understand that sports aren’t for everyone.  My roommates last year would yell “SPORTSSSS!!!!” every time I began to talk about anything sports related.  Thus, you, my beloved reader, get a post about sports.

This summer, of course, there is basically no Mason athletics going on.  However, Washington is available for my sporting needs.  On Tuesday, work surprised us by taking the whole team to a Washington Nationals baseball game. I am not a huge baseball fan.  I played a little as a kid.  I play church-league softball.  However, I have never really been into baseball.  I have been to a couple minor league games (The Richmond Flying Squirrels. GO NUTS!)  I also have been to a couple of Nats games but I always get excited to go back.  The offices like to have a lot of surprises so we did not know what we were doing that day.  We ended up at the George Mason Statue where the professional staff handed us a coin to give us so unity. So I had mine from last year and it was really special and it was the true beginning of the Summer.

Here is another pic of me and my fellow second year patriot leader

After that we practiced projection and introductions  by the Jefferson memorial.

This wasn’t exceptionally interesting except when a older gentleman walked behind us, stopped, and looked into the center of the circle to try and figure out what we were all looking at.  Although you can’t really see it in this picture, we have a tradition at Mason where all incoming students get a Patriot Pride shirt, one of the many you will receive from Mason.  So we are wearing the brand new ones and they look pretty sick.

We finally made it to the game and I am always amazed at the sheer scope of everything.  Here are some of my initial pictures

So this is a picture from my seat before the game – it was awesome.  The big story right now in Washington is this guy:

If you are not aware.  This kid is nineteen years old and is starting for the Nats.  THAT IS INSANE.  HE IS YOUNGER THAN ME!  I still don’t believe it but that game went on pretty normally, except for a man in our section who was dressed up as the beast from beauty and the beast  (baseball fans are weird).  The game was a major nail biter and it got really excited toward the end and there were multiple opportunities for both teams to win.  After nine innings, the game was still tied.  We pleaded with our boss to let us stay and she let us stay up until the end of the 11th and right as we were leaving, the Mets hit a home run and the Nats went down one run so we were all pretty down and out.  After getting on the bus, I checked my phone and found out that we had won which was awesome.  I think I am starting to get into this baseball thing.


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