Where do I go?

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

Now is the time to decide.

For incoming freshman, it’s their new home for the next four years.

For graduating seniors, it’s whether to work, go for further education, etc.

For me, it’s deciding what to do when to best manage social sanity and finals.

But a few weekends ago was the Spotlight Day at Mason and as a volunteer for CGE (Center for Global Education) and Mason Admissions, I was able to witness the true excitement on our campus. To see all the admitted students asking real questions, pondering study abroad and our numerous options, communicating to the charismatic ambassadors, it was a fun event!

I didn’t actually realize how many people I knew on this campus that were truly involved on furthering our community awareness. Seeing my roommate in her neon yellow shirt, my study abroad friend and newly-inducted floormate as ambassadors talking, my other floormate wearing the Student Government shirt, talking to another Mason blogger, and more, every place I turned, I saw a familiar smiling face.

And then it hit me.

This campus may be daunting to some; the sheer number of attending college sudents a lot.

But it never feels like it.

Even during ‘rush hour’ around lunch time as everyone scours for food, a place to sit, time to catch up with friends, I still am able to see dozens of familiar faces. In fact, I love walking in the JC because the probability of running into a friend is high, for the same reason it could be dauting to come here.

Essentially, though Mason is a large school, our campus isn’t hard to navigate, the professors are easily accessible, and there are many opportunities to get involved.

In fact, though I’m a science major, I’m the chief of filmography for the first-ever TEDx conference to come to Mason! The opportunity presented itself and I latched on the chance to learn more about film, the various departments on campus, and meet some amazing, talented people.

Essentially, I stepped out of my comfort zone. And last night, my roommate Ashley prepared a project for her communications—public speaking course, demonstrating she stepped out of her comfort zone as a soccer player to learn how to dance.

So, tagged in this blog are three videos: Mason Spotlight Day review, TEDx conference interview with the professors (stay tuned on the page because I’m editing a pre-conference event featuring the Mason professor speakers), and Ashley’s dancing skills!

Enjoy all these films and happy finals/AP/decision-time!



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