The Hot Spot!

by Jenny, a Patriot Blogger

From maracas and sombreros to paper lanterns embellished with Chinese characters, Mason’s new dining option “The Hot Spot” offers meals from around the world.  Since its debut in late January, feedback from students Facebook page for Mason Dining has determined a new theme each week, which has included a fajita bar, Carribean food, a classic pasta bar and Thai noodle bar.

As a lettuce and tomato discriminator, the meat filled fajita (above) did not leave me thrilled, despite large portions.  The Thai noodle bar (below) however, sent my taste buds on a delightfully spicy journey around the well cooked beef strips, through the loops of rice noodles and up the scoop of rice, slathered in the mouth-watering green curry sauce.

Located on the bottom of Student Union Building I, The Hot Spot has boasted lines nearly along as its neighbor, Chick-fil-A.

Also this semester, Mason has welcomed Subway into our dining family as well as a third convenience store.  With so many options, the only question now is how I will work off all of those additional calories!


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