The week that started it all

by Grant, a Patriot Blogger

Ok well it didn’t start it all, it just started this semester, but it was still pretty epic.  For those of you looking for my thoughts about Budapest, sorry man, life came at me and I couldn’t get it done.  This semester I only have class on two days a week!  Well basically, I have a class Wednesday night but that isn’t that big a deal.  Now let me explain something about scheduling.  We use a website that allows you to register for classes online and change your schedule as much as you want up until a certain day.  However, the fewer credits you have, the later you can register.  So as a freshman coming in, you get a later pick then all of us who are already here.  This usually isn’t so bad.  It isn’t great (yes you will probably have class before 12) but it isn’t bad.  So the only way I got the schedule I got is because I am a little older and I was able to work my schedule around.  This however has a major downside.  On tuesdays and thursdays I have class and chi alpha or “ultimate” until from 12 to 10 at night.  But in the end I picked it, so this is what I am going to deal with for the next fourteen weeks.

I have decided to turn over a new stone though and actually do all of my homework.  My brother is applying for grad school and I realized I need to start getting my life together.  My GPA rose last semester to a 3.08 but still that is not as good as I would want it to be.  I am searching for the perfection of the 4.0 this semester.  This involves me reading at least a hundred pages on every off day.  Which is actually happening to the surprise of everyone around me.  I can’t stop doing homework.  I am already three days ahead and I am finding ways to be more productive in my downtime.  No more three hour Xbox sessions.  The feeling of getting ahead is amazing.

The final thing that I want to discuss is being a Patriot Leader.  It was an amazing experience that gives you a family of coworkers and a pride for our school that is unrelenting.  So, I decided to apply again.  The interview process involves a group interview, an individual interview, and then the final decisions.  Even as a second year, I have to apply and interview just like everyone else.  This is a major headache for me because I am a worrier.  Yes, everyone told me that I would do great and that I would get the job but nothing is guaranteed.  So I worried about it all weekend.  Even during homecoming, I was thinking about this job.  Thankfully I made it past the group interview, so now I just have the individual interview left.  If I manage to get this job, you might see me this summer.

Ok, I will break it off there so that I can make a whole blog post about HOMECOMING.  So that is coming down the pipeline soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.


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