Winter Break Ends WHEN?!

by Jenny, a Patriot Blogger

One eye still closed, I squinted at my phone and silenced the harsh tone of my third alarm.  I pressed the home button and gulped when my eye fell upon the date, January 17th?!  I go back to school in 8… oops, I mean 7, no 6 days?!  Brow furrowed and stomach churning, I stumbled out of bed, making note to finish applying to the companies on my internship list, Chegg my books and make an appointment to chop off an inch or two of my hair.

What have I been up to during break besides looking at a calendar, you ask?  I spent a very Asian Christmas in NYC with my parents and their friends.  Naturally the theme of the trip was food.  We also strolled around Flushing (which is like stepping Shanghai), stopped at a few shops and bakeries and took the subway to see the Saks Fifth Avenue window displays and show.  Before we left we went to Brooklyn Bridge Park where I was able to enjoy an awe-inspiring view of Manhattan.  The rest of my break has been spent catching up with old friends, searching for internships and working on my new food blog called “The Pan Eats” where I have compiled photos and reviews of more than 25 restaurants.  I also spent some quality time with my pillow, a luxury the semester refuses to offer.

Manhattan and all of its splendor from the Brooklyn Bridge Park
Fried Mini Pork Buns at Chinatown’s Shanghai Cafe, keep em coming!
Lobster Sticky Rice at Flushing’s New Imperial Palace, so moist and tasty
I love me some E-Fu Noodles at Flushing’s Grand Restaurant

I can’t wait to go back to NYC to indulge in more good eats, but first, spring semester!  Believe it or not, I am actually excited for class so I can finally get into the meat of my marketing classes.  Because I have gotten most of the School of Management’s required core classes (Accounting, Business and Law, Operations Management, etc.) out of the way, I can finally focus on learning about my major.  I plan to spend my Monday and Wednesday afternoons learning about Integrated Marketing Communications (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, etc.) and my Thursday nights uncovering the secrets behind Business to Business Marketing.  I am also finishing up my honors requirements with the Science of Human History (why societies have turned out the way they have) and Cross Cultural Perspectives (study of China and Nigeria).  Typography will round off my schedule and I hope to finally discover exactly why I dislike the ads on the metro so much or learn that whether or not they are using an appropriate font style.  I will report the ups and downs of these classes throughout the semester, but now that I realize it’s so close I’m itching to return to college life!


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