by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Err…at least Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I got back home in Leesburg, VA on Tuesday evening-drained and super sleep deprived. I think I watched Mars Needs Moms with my little sister and then I went to sleep at 11pm. I woke up at 2:13pm….that’s over 15 hours of sleep. You know you’re sleep deprived when you sleep for that long!! Wednesday was spent watching movies…and that’s about it. Thursday….yep, watched movies (Limitless is a FANTASTIC movie-please watch it!). We ate our Thanksgiving meal at around 4:30pm and everyone but me was stuffed (I’m not a big stuff-yourself-to-discomfort kind of person). I did top it off with some soy chocolate ice cream, strawberries, and pecans. Epic! Today, while everyone else went crazy beating up others to get items, deals, and whatever else, I slept until 2pm and played video games with my little sister. Later, I scoured Amazon for some good deals on camera lenses (and let me tell you: I managed to find 2 Nikkor lenses + their protective accessories for just over $300!!)

So since my break hasn’t been that adventurous (and it’s meant to be that way), I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there. My models have been my little sister and our dog, Buddy. Ta daaa:

Our elegant little boy, Buddy


Aww, my little sister and Buddy cuddling


Beautiful, big brown eyes...


My little sister


Sleepy eyes


Getting ready to play some Mario Kart!

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Gabriela M. Galeano, M.A. A lifelong Anthropology student (& GMU Alumna). A vegan, coffee addict, metalhead since middle school, bookworm, runner/yogi, proud Honduran, animal rights activist & friend of Mother Earth. Often intrigued by counterculture.

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