There’s no place like Mason!

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

It’s weird to think it’s almost Thanksgiving, am I right? I mean, no matter what stage you’re at in high school, I’m pretty sure things are chaotic enough that sometimes the weeks fly by.

Today was quite the beautiful day here at Mason – a mix of a fall atmosphere but an almost spring-like temperature; it’s days like these that make you smile. There’s just something about seeing freshman playing soccer or football outside on the sidewalk, where other students are going to class, to remind you that college is different. Everyone has a different schedule and is more independent, but you can constantly find joy in the small things, like nice weather.

What also tends to happen during nice weather is the inclination to distract yourself. You’re more tempted to go out to dinner, take a walk… or watch all your college YouTube videos, reminding you of how far you’ve come in so little time.

This is one of my earlier videos with my floor mates during the first week of classes. Considering that my most recent videos are about Halloween, it’s a fun break to see how comfortable and accustomed we’ve grown to our surroundings

If you’re worried about how long adapting to switching school environments will take, it won’t be long. It takes about two weeks to really learn the ins and outs if you live on campus. My friends and I still try new places to eat together just so we can mentally make a map of where everything is.

Tip: you’ll even learn the so-called ‘upper classmen’ shortcuts within the first few weeks!

So as the night hours fall, the temperatures drop, and the leaves rustle in the wind, I smile knowing that in just a short amount of time the Class of 2015 has settled in to GMU’s college life and that we are already preparing for the Class of 2016 to find a new home in our Park!


4 thoughts on “There’s no place like Mason!

  1. Very cute ladies!! So great to meet you all at the Etiquette Dinner (we def. had the BEST table 🙂 and thanks for all you do for Mason Admissions!!!-Amy

    • Thanks Amy!! We love putting together fun videos to show how to celebrate Mason spirit– Freshman style! Thanks, again, for showing us Table 7 during the dinner; we all appreciated the fun atmosphere!

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