At the ‘eye of the storm’! Midterms are coming…

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

Class, meeting, class, studying, all nighter, class…It’s that time of the year when you are bogged down with work. Usually, I worry and (sometimes panic). In the past, staring at my to-do list and watching it grow exponentially has been like watching a train wreck in slow-motion. Surprisingly, I am completely relaxed in my room at the moment. I am fully aware that I have over 500 pages to read by Tuesday, but somehow I am not fazed by it. I’m wondering if it’s due to the delicious venti soy cappuccino that I eagerly bought this morning at Starbucks…? (Note: caffeine works differently for me.)

Perhaps it’s the fact that last night I went to the Mariinsky Orchestra performance at the Center for the Arts. Amazing performance. Classical music has a way to smother you with relaxation. You tend to lose yourself in the music, which is certainly what you need during midterm time. As such, I highly recommend checking out the Mariinsky Orchestra. The performance was conducted by Valery Gergiev, with a special performance by Daniil Trifonov on the piano. I am currently listening to his “Concerto E minor op. 11 Part 2, as a matter of fact.) Daniil, if you can believe it, is my age (yes, 20) and has already won dozens and dozens of international awards and competitions. If you experience him live, you would know why…

Oh, and did I mention students get free tickets with their Mason ID? I take that privilege to heart; I am there nearly every weekend (The Virginia Opera is next week!)

I collect ticket stubs.

Well, it is a lovely morning today and I’ve got my window open since the breeze is glorious. At this point, my venti cappuccino has been obliterated, but it’s all good. Ya know, it’s that moment when you’re just taking it all a minute at a time. It makes me think back to last Wednesday, when a middle school student in the Early Identification Program (through which I tutor) said to me: “my sister said that sometimes you have to be alone for a moment so that you learn to be with other people.” Deep. And absolutely true. I am always surrounded by people, whether it’s in class, walking down the sidewalk, or in student organization meetings, etc. Sometimes you just have to chill

To honor that gem of a quote, I think I will spend most of my time in my room today. Not like I have a choice, if you look at my to-do list, but it’ll serve me well. I’m at the “eye of the storm”, as I like to call it, so I guess it’s time to prepare for midterms and the often-crazy rush of events during next week! I’ll treat myself to another Starbucks soon enough anyway…

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Gabriela M. Galeano, M.A. A lifelong Anthropology student (& GMU Alumna). A vegan, coffee addict, metalhead since middle school, bookworm, runner/yogi, proud Honduran, animal rights activist & friend of Mother Earth. Often intrigued by counterculture.

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