by Heather, a Patriot Blogger

Dear future Masonites,

It’s officially the weekend for me! All my midterms are done and I don’t have another exam until Thanksgiving, it pretty sweet! So like I said I would let you know how my midterms were…luckily for me 2 of my 3 classes allowed a one sheet “cheat sheet”, but for both of them the sheets didn’t really help much. My calc and CS (comp. sci.) were both very straightforward and the professor wasn’t looking to trick you up or make it super hard, which I am sooooo happy for, but there’s always one professor that after an exam you just wanna ask them “WHY?!?” Well that was my physics midterm this morning, physics alone is hard, but when the exam is nothing like the lectures or homework it sucks and you just have to hope for the best. I’m hoping it wasn’t too bad since I took physics in high school (**try to take physics in high school and actually pay attention if you can! It will help all you science/engineering majors) but for now there’s nothing I can do, so I’m going to enjoy this nice 3 day weekend. Many people are going home for this holiday break, but since I have cross country practice tomorrow morning at 8am (one of the bad things about doing a collegiate sport is that on weekends there is a high potential of early morning practice) and then again Monday afternoon there’s not much time to go home. But I am going segway-ing on Sunday with my boyfriend and his family through Washington DC, which I am so excited for because I did one this past summer with them around Philadelphia and it was amazing! I will definitely put pictures up next week…

For those of you who don't know what a segway is..this is it!!

Anyway, I decided to for to Fenwick Library after my midterm today to get some books for my research paper for my HNRS 110 class. (Fenwick is right near all those club benches for those of you who have visited, and well if you haven’t visited the Student Ambassadors will be sure to point it out on your tour)

Today my trip to the library was a success! A couple weeks ago during the first week of school I was looking for somewhere to hang out and get some work done in between classes, so i thought, hmm why not sit in a nice quiet, cool library? It will be perfect! BUT as soon as I walked into the library….I left a couple minutes later because it is sooo intimidating and I did not want to be the stereotypical freshman that has to ask people where to go. So today I gave the library another shot and it was a SUCCESS!! The library is HUGE, but there is sooo many books (well obviously there are books haha but there’s 5 floors worth of books, which when navigating for the first time can be a little confusing). After 15minutes, 4 elevator rides, and asking multiple people for help, I finally found the books on my topic…so little tip, don’t be afraid to ask the librarians for help…they are soooo nice and it saves ALOT of time.
And speaking of time, I better get going…I have an advising meeting with my Honors adviser for classes next semester, another perk of honors is that you get to register for classes…however, if you’re an athlete you get to register even earlier! So basically I have to pick my classes for next semester and I’m not even fully halfway through my first semester..its crazy!!

~Love, Heather


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